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Guringai Festival coming soon

The theme of this year’s Guringai Festival is “Wellness and Wellbeing for All People”. The festival, which celebrates Australia’s First Peoples’ culture in the Northern Sydney Region, is now in its 14th year, and will be held from 26th May to 13 July, 2014. Events will include workshops, an art exhibition, performances, films and talks, which will be held at venues across the North Shore.

The festival theme reminds us to be more mindful of ourselves, our families and our communities. Wellness and wellbeing are not the same thing – wellbeing refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience, whereas wellness refers just to physical health. The idea is to share in a way of life oriented toward optimal health and wellbeing in which mind, body, and spirit are integrated, so that we as individuals live more fully within the human and natural environments, connected to each other and the ‘oneness’.

The aim of the festival is to be inspired, learn something new and fulfill a wish for wellness and wellbeing for all.

For a PDF brochure detailing festival events, go to the Willoughby Council website via this link.