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Harmony Day – Colourfest short films

On Friday March 21, Willoughby Council will be hosting a series of six short films collectively titled – Harmony Day Colourfest. The themes of these films focus on migrant and diaspora stories, with the aim of showcasing a more authentic and inclusive image of Australia as a nation of diverse faces.

The films will be shown on the Urban Screen on The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood from 7.00-8.00pm, free of charge.

From Colourfest Festival Director, Gary Paramanathan:

The Australian identity is ever evolving, a few decades back the average Australian would not be sipping on a latte, now Italian culture has permeated through Australian society. I think you’ll see similar trends with emerging African, Asian and Arab communities – they are a part of Australian society – they vote, they pay taxes but they are not part of our cultural make up yet. Colourfest is about sharing their stories, so their place in our society is valued and ultimately integrated into what it is to be Australian.

For further details, contact Willoughby Council – Bernard Lau on 0297771029 or email